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While most corporations and partnerships never intend to get into a dispute, it is almost inevitable that some disagreement, no matter how minor, will arise at some point in time. That is why it is so imperative that your shareholder agreement or partnership operating agreement is carefully crafted and thoroughly reviewed by an experienced business contracts attorney.

Does your business/corporation in New Hampshire or Massachusetts require legal counsel over a shareholder agreement? Contact our officeor call us at 978-374-2230 for an appointment with our experienced Haverhill shareholder agreement attorney.

Over Three Decades of Experience ◊ Dedicated to Finding Business Solutions

At the law office of Dennis M. Spurling, P.C., our seasoned business contracts lawyer has over 35 years of experience. For more than three decades, Dennis M. Spurling has been providing skilled and thorough business contracts and business formation counsel to corporations, partnerships and other business entities throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

If your business needs a resolution over a shareholder agreement dispute or you are needing an attorney to draft and review an agreement, our experienced lawyer can help you. As a former accountant, our attorney has a thorough understanding of both the financial issues you may be facing in addition to the legal issues. He will provide you with the right solutions for the specific needs of your business. Our law firm takes a catered and personalized approach for all of our corporation and partnership clients.

Drafting and Reviewing Shareholder Agreements/Partnership Operating Agreements

Our business law practice includes the initial drafting and reviewing of shareholder agreements, partnership operating agreements and other business entity-related contracts. We can create a contract that meets the specified needs of your business and its shareholders in a way that fosters the beginning of a successful entity. If you have an existing agreement and believe it needs to be amended or reviewed, our skilled attorney can also review this and recommend any changes that would benefit your business’s future.

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Disputes among shareholders and partners need to be resolved efficiently and effectively. Otherwise a disagreement over a shareholder agreement can have a negative impact on the financial well-being of all parties involved. Whether the corporation is unresolved over issues such as a breach of fiduciary duty, dividend dispute or the details of a buyout, it is important that you have an experienced attorney representing you. Our business contracts attorney will provide you with the best strategy in moving forward.

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